4th International Forum on Long-term Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition

Please find the tentative agenda and list of speakers here.

Initiated in 2018, IRENA’s Long-term Scenarios for the Energy Transition (LTES) Network provides a global platform to exchange knowledge and good practices in the use and development of scenarios to guide the clean energy transition and promote wider and more effective use of LTES in government for energy and climate policy-making.

At the 4th edition of its annual flagship International Forum on Long-term Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition, IRENA aims to bring together scenario practitioners in government, academia, technical institutions, international organisations, and the private sector to discuss how long-term scenarios can help governments navigate uncertainties globally, address the latest socio-technical challenges, and make the most of the opportunities offered by the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Forum will take place as an in-person and partly online conference at the IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre, in Bonn, Germany. The following topics will be addressed through expert presentations, moderated discussions, and a workshop:

  • Aligning LTES and LT-LEDS to enhance climate action
  • Demand assessment in long-term energy scenarios
  • Long-term energy scenarios as an explorative tool for policymaking
  • Developing LTES for 100% renewable power scenarios
  • A global overview on hydrogen for LTES narratives
  • The impact of geopolitical aspects in the development and assessment of LTES
  • Participatory processes for developing national long-term energy scenarios

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The Forum aims to address current topics at the forefront of government scenario planning that can help them tackle uncertainty at a time when post COVID-19 economic rebound and geopolitical shifts have triggered price hikes for fossil fuels and other commodities. Governments across the world are also engaging in a complex transition to clean energy, with far reaching implications on infrastructure, industry, agriculture and land-use. This transition presents challenges as well as the opportunity to adopt new business models based on digitalisation, decentralisation and electrification in the energy sector. In this context, the forum will serve as a platform for government officials to connect and exchange good planning practices on developing and using long-term energy scenarios.

This event will build on the rich discussions being held through the CEM LTES Initiative and IRENA’s LTES Network. Information on previous iterations of the forum and other events can be found below:

For more information, contact LTES@irena.org.