IRENA Regional Model Analysis & Planning Support Programme: Central Africa Phase 2: Workshop 2

In partnership with the Central Africa Power Pool (CAPP), IRENA has launched a second phase of regional training on energy model analysis and planning for CAPP countries.

This 2022 programme builds on the first phase of the IRENA-CAPP Regional Model Analysis & Planning Programme, in which about 50 technical planning experts from seven CAPP member states participated in regional training sessions to enhance energy planning capacity and develop national capacity expansion scenarios with the IRENA SPLAT-MESSAGE modelling framework. This second phase of the programme aims to further the training of CAPP members on the long-term power sector modelling with a focus on regional application. As part of the programme, a consolidated regional study will also be developed, which may be used as the basis for the region’s first power sector masterplan.

The implementation of the programme will be integrated with the ongoing development of the African Continental Power Systems Master Plan (CMP), which is led by the African Union Development Agency (AUDA) and which IRENA is supporting as a modelling partner.

This 2nd workshop will aim to provide CAPP Secretariat and its utility members with more experience exploring the results of the regional IRENA modelling, and with the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss possible changes to the models and scenarios. Based on CAPP member utilities feedback, additional analysis may be proposed and training to carry out such analysis may be integrated into the workshop. Following this workshop, IRENA staff will update the regional modelling with any necessary changes or expansions, with an eye toward finalising the analysis for high-level review.

Meeting is closed, by invitation only.