Private sector partnerships

Private sector partnerships

Guidelines for co-operation with the private sector

“International, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations are natural and indispensable partners to IRENA, as are the many private sector companies already seizing the opportunities offered by renewable energy”

IRENA Vision and Mission

IRENA is pursuing a proactive strategic approach to work with public and private partners, networks and constituencies in furtherance of its mission and goals. Partnering with a broad range of constituencies providing diverse expertise, advice and support has become one of IRENA’s hallmarks in many areas of its work

The partnerships are key to translating IRENA’s expertise, knowledge and tools into a sustained impact on the development and deployment of renewable energy.

Guiding Partnership Principles

  • Non-exclusivity and no unfair advantage
  • Advance IRENA’s goals
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Cooperation with adequate and relevant partners
  • Cooperation shall be subject to the conclusion of a formal agreement
  • No commercial relationship shall be established
  • Confidentiality and protection of proprietary rights
  • Transparency

Cooperation Proposal

Private sector partners interested in cooperating with IRENA may submit a proposal to indicate the scope, objectives, duration and the anticipated impact of the proposed cooperation activities.

Cooperation proposal process

Current private sector partnerships

Partnership with ENI

This three-year partnership agreement to collaborate in the promotion of renewable energy and accelerate the energy transition, particularly in countries that export fossil fuels was signed in September 2021.
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Enel Foundation

In January 2021, IRENA entered into a partnership with the Enel Foundation. The two parties agreed to share data and insights about the development of the green hydrogen economy, which is increasingly cited as a central component of carbon neutral economies by 2050, and cooperate on youth engagement initiatives.
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Siemens Energy

This partnership aimed at advancing the global energy transition started in May 2021. Under the agreement, the organisations will strengthen collaboration on the application of technology to advance and deepen the transition to renewable energy around the world.
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The partnership with Snam, Europe’s largest energy infrastructure operator is aimed at developing hydrogen based on renewables i.e. green hydrogen, to support the energy transition worldwide. Two parties will cooperate to study and possibly implement alongside other partners, pilot projects on renewables generation, transport and distribution of green hydrogen with a view to the development of replicable business cases.
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State Grid Corporation of China

Enel Green Power